Rowan County ARES

Radio Emergency Communications works… when all else fails

Net listing

This appendix provides a brief listing of information about NTS, ARES and independent public service nets covering North Carolina. Local nets meeting daily are also listed. More information about the Tarheel Emergency Net appears below.

Rowan ARES Training Net
Wednesday 2030 hrs local through December 2, 2015
145.410 Neg offset 136.5 tone
Tim Foster K4OIB, Net Manager
The courtesy tone changes when the ARES net is activated!!

Section-Level Nets – National Traffic System
North Carolina Morning Net (NCMN)
3927 kHz, SSB, 0745 ET Daily
Bob DeWitt, K4RLD, Net Manager
1911A Waxhaw Highway
Monroe, NC 28112

Carolinas Net (CN)
Early Session (CNE): 3573 kHz, CW, 1900 ET Daily (20-22 WPM)
Late Session (CNL): 3573 kHz, CW, 2200 ET Daily (15-18 WPM)
Mark Rappaport, W2EAG, Net Manager
104 Portside Lane
New Bern, NC 28562-8818

North Carolina Evening Net (NCEN)
3923 kHz, SSB, 1830 ET Daily
Frank A. Lynch, W4FAL, Net Manager
2528 Oakes Plantation Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610-9328

Carolinas Slow Net (CSN)
3571 kHz, 2000 ET Daily (8-10 WPM)
Carl Starnes, W4EAT, Net Manager
PO Box 188
Stanfield, NC 28163

Section-Level Nets – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Tarheel Emergency Net (THEN)
3923 kHz, SSB, 1930 ET Daily
Other times as needed; alternate frequency is 7232 kHz
More information about the net appears below.
David Fleming, KE4JHJ, Net Manager
2959 Parkhurst Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Local Nets – National Traffic System
Central North Carolina Traffic Net (CNCTN)
146.82 MHz, FM repeater (Wilkesboro), 2100 ET Daily
Mike Edwards, KE4AHC, Net Manager
1307 New Bowers
Lexington, NC 27292

Piedmont Coastal Traffic Net (PCTN)
146.88 MHz, FM repeater (Raleigh), 2100 ET Daily
Joe Squashic, W4TTO, Net Manager
502 Shropshire Court
Wake Forest NC 27587

Eastern North Carolina Traffic Net (ENCTN)
146.685 MHz, FM repeater (Grifton), 2030 ET Daily
Dave Roy, W4DNA, Acting Net Manager
120 Doris Drive
Goldsboro, NC 27534-8023

Southeastern North Carolina Traffic Net (SENCTN)
147.045 MHz, FM repeater (Lumberton), 2000 ET Daily
Chip Davis, W4NCD, Net Manager
801 Riverside Drive
Lumberton NC 28358-4625

Local Nets – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Piedmont Emergency Training Net (PETN)
145.35 MHz, FM repeater (Charlotte), 2000 ET Daily Traffic, ARES and SKYWARN training.
Greg Sellers, WB4HRR, Net Manager
308 6th Street SW
Hickory, NC 28602

Metrolina 2 Meter Emergency Net (M2MEN)
146.94 MHz, FM repeater (Charlotte), 2100 ET Daily
Traffic, ARES and Mecklenburg ARS announcements.
John White, WB2NHQ, Net Manager
7010 Thermal Road
Charlotte, NC 28211

Cape Fear Evening Net (CFEN)
146.91 MHz, FM repeater (Fayetteville), 1900 ET
Daily Traffic, ARES and Cape Fear ARS announcements.
Chuck Ward, KJ4RV, Net Manager
703 Poole Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28303

Wide-Coverage Independent Nets
Coastal Carolina Emergency Net (CCEN)
3907 kHz, SSB, 1900 ET Daily
Handles Health and Welfare Traffic when needed.
Ed Holm, K3JKQ, Net Manager
122 Quarter Horse Run
Havelock, NC 28532
Fred Murph, AF4CJ, Assistant NM
7740 Long Ridge Road
Plymouth, NC 27962

Hurricane Watch Net (HWN)
14325 kHz, SSB, activated when Atlantic or Eastern Pacific hurricanes are within 300 miles of land.
Dave Lefavour, W7GOX, Net Manager

Mid-Atlantic Emergency Net (MAEN)
5330.5 kHz; 2000 ET First Wednesday of every month.
Alternate frequency is 5346.5 kHz
Ed Harris, KE4SKY, Acting Net Manager

Net Summary
Section–Level Nets
Net Name Type Time Frequency Mode Net Manager
North Carolina Morning Net NTS 0745 ET 3927 kHz SSB K4RLD (NCMN)
North Carolina Evening Net NTS 1830 ET 3923 kHz SSB W4FAL (NCEN)
Carolinas Net (Early)1 NTS 1900 ET 3573 kHz CW W2EAG (CNE) 20-22 WPM
Tarheel Emergency Net ARES 1930 ET 3923 kHz SSB KE4JHJ (THEN)
Carolinas Slow Net1 NTS 2000 ET 3571 kHz CW W4EAT (CSN) 8-10 WPM
Carolinas Net (Late)1 NTS 2200 ET 3573 kHz CW W2EAG (CNL) 15-18 WPM
1serves both NC & SC

Local Nets
Net Name Type Time Repeater Net Manager
Eastern NC Traffic Net NTS 2030 ET 146.685 MHz W4DNA (ENCTN) Grifton
Southeastern NC Traffic Net NTS 2000 ET 147.045 MHz W4NCD (SENCTN) Lumberton
Central NC Traffic Net NTS 2100 ET 146.82 MHz KE4AHC (CNCTN) Wilkesboro
Piedmont Coastal Traffic Net NTS 2100 ET 146.88 MHz W4TTO (PCTN) Raleigh
Piedmont Emergency Training Net ARES 2000 ET 145.35 MHz WB4HRR (PETN) Charlotte
Metrolina 2 Meter Emergency Net ARES 2100 ET 146.94 MHz WB2NHQ (M2MEN) Charlotte
Cape Fear Evening Net ARES 1900 ET 146.91 MHz KJ4RV (CFEN) Fayetteville

Wide-Coverage Independent Nets
Net Name Type Time Frequency Mode Net Manager
Coastal Carolina Emergency Net Health & Welfare Daily 1900 ET 3907 kHz SSB K3JKQ (CCEN)
Hurricane Watch Net Independent As Needed 14325 kHz SSB W7GOX (HWN)
Mid-Atlantic Emergency Net Evaluate 60 Meters 1st Wednesday 5346.5 kHz 2000 ET 5330.5 kHz SSB KE4SKY (MAEN) (acting)

Tarheel Emergency Net
The Tarheel Emergency Net (THEN) is the North Carolina HF ARES net. The purpose of THEN is to
provide communications during emergencies, to provide training in all aspects of net operations, to serve as a forum for discussions and to foster fellowship among radio amateurs. On Monday nights a statewide ARES meeting is held instead of informal comments.

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